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Hey. Thank you so much for the gift. It's awesome. My brother came to visit me from back home so I've just been hanging with him and away from the pc. I'll be back to normal soon. Thanks for checking in, precious.
Hi, I just ordered the soundbox for my jetta and was wondering if I could be added to the list to rent the dongle. I live in Florida. Thank you!
I like the look of your wheels on page 274. What size and make are they?
They're Flow One F2s, 18x9 offset +45 if I remember right
Any tips on getting the external amp option to work on golf vii? As audio is muted if its selected on vcds:( do I need some kind of most150 inetrface?
hi , forgive me. not familiar about tires and wheel protection? any hint please? thanks
How much are you asking for the spacers and braces?
Hi there, not sure yet. Going to get everything off the car and will clean everything / check condition and take pics later this week. I will get back to you by DM.
Hello... I was hoping you could help me.

I know coding ODIS and CP removal will be required but I'm trying to confirm IF... there are reasons that an MK7.5 2019 Cluster CAN NOT be installed in a 2015 MK7. If you have learned anything from your install can you please share with me your understanding of the requirements.? I would appreciate it..
thanks, Luke
Just bought the 'starter edition obdeleven' from amazon and can't locate the esc off button in the apps. Do i need the PRO to do this ? Checked the engine, trans, and brake sections to no avail. HELP !
Hey Zero, a buddy sent me, said you can get me a harness for euro taillights : 5G0-998-207-GH-MAG-GRP-5G0-945-207-G-MAG-5G0-945-208-G-MAG-5G0-945-307-P-MAG-5G0-945-308-P-MAG
Car is a 2018 7.5 gti if you can help !
thank you!