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Azhar, do you have manual gearbox?
If yes, how soft is at you moving from N to 1?
In my case, not so smooth at N-1, 1-2. More smooth 3-4.
do you have the part # for OEM under seat amp mating receptacle - I am going down the same path as you where I want to bypass the amp and send my amplified signal out over the factory speaker wiring.....using a Zen-V... if you could email me that would be awesome if you still have the info!!

That’s why I went online, I did some research and I finally found best stocked MK5 GTI

Here are the different videos links which you can watch MK 5 GTI :

And now I play the waiting game. Just bought the stage 1 unitronic ecu upgrade.....why isn't it here yet.
My buddy from this Forum told me you do MK7 Carbon Cleanups. How much do you charge and what's your schedule? Thanks
Just about done with my build. 2013 Drivers Edition GTI. First did full H&R Suspension. Then Milltek 3” Non-Resonated Exhaust, with 4” Black Tips. OEM R20 LED Tails. COVID gave me some time to build. In the last few months added APR Stage 2 Intake w/ Turbo Inlet Pipe, APR Downpipe, APR Tune, StopTech Brake Kits, 19” HRE FlowForm FF01‘s in IPA Finish, Genuine VW Euro Edition 35 Bumper and Side Skirts. Real HID Fogs.
I'm trying to figure out I have a rev9 cat back exhaust on my Mark 6 and I want to put a down pipe on it and now my Rev 9 is 2.5 what size down pipe what I need to connect them and what is a good downpipe to mix with the Rev 9 exhaust and also good for when I want to tuner to stage 1 or stage 2 thanks