None ATM
HI State
2016 GTI SE MT


EMD springs/rear sway, Torque Solutions 60A insert, Invidia catless DP, Shorty's short shifter w/DD42 bushings, VW RL TIP, Enkei RPF1 18x7.5, Michelin PS4S 225/40/18, Bilstein B8, DG SuperPin, Vibrant 17950/Beluga exhaust, Sachs SRE, Brisk ER10S, Tomioka IHX475/IS20 Wastegate, twincooler, APR Throttle Booster, BFI LCA's, BFI S1 Engine Mount/transmission insert, Macan calipers, APR Open Intake, APR Intake Tube, Eurodyne Maestro tuned by GLS Performance. 412hp/407tq. OS Tuning coming soon!


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