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Hi - I just saw your post on the ebay twincooler thread. Who was the ebay seller you bought it from? did the pipe break/split at a junction point or where it was clamped? This is the fist I heard of this issue. I thought all I had to deal with were fitment issues. Thanks for your input!

that's not a good feeling. thanks for the info.
i'd be curious to see a picture if you had any. I already have this intercooler sitting in my living room so I was likely going to go ahead with the install. thanks again.
I'll try to take one later.
Hey man. I was told you are running st suspension on your MK6. Im thinking of also getting it but I wanna know your thoughts on it and how long you’ve had them. Im also from NJ!
by the way, you have created one of the most idiot proof retrofit write up for anyone who can just follow.
I have the 8IU light, but my 4B is 338, and not 338C like yours. Not sure if i need to upgrade my hardware version.
Hope to hear from you.
PMs suck on this board but you can send me a message via reddit username awd4416. Glad you like the DIY 😂