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Hi, do you still have the rear wiper and rear wiper motor from the delete mod you did? Whoever owned my GTI before me did the delete, but I would quite like a rear wiper myself. Would buy it off you if you have it.
Just added a clutch stop, and some rims and tires I sourced earlier this week... Also added some 3/32" rubber tubing in my window sills to decrease wind noise today
Hi, are you still doing the harness for the Golf 7, I mean replacing the rear lamps from the USA to EU with the fog lamp on the left side (I live in Poland). My car is a Golf 7.5 R as in the picture. After asking on this portal, everyone points to you :).I searched this forum and found a lot of information and pictures on how to do it, but I really don't know which option will be the most appropriate.
I ordered my Golf GTE including: Leather Trim, Rear Camera, Head-up Display & Metallic Paint. The order was placed in July 2021. Am now 19 months and counting and still at status 10. Can anyone beat it, or have you all thrown in the towel?
Hey, I recently bought a 17 GTI sport and live in Manayunk. let me know what you are selling that is left over from your sale and asking price. thanks