Getting rid of the "What did you do to your MK 8 Today" thread


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Hello Mods:

I suggest that we get rid of the thread "What did you do to your MK 8 Today" in the main body of the forum.

Although it might look - at first glance - like this is a worthwhile topic, especially because it is quite active and has gathered over 80 posts so far, the problem is that instead of information about specific activities (modifications, service, software tweaks, etc.) being posted under thread titles that describe the specific activity, all sorts of unrelated information is getting posted on this one "What did you do today" topic.

The result is that forum users lose the ability to review thread titles to find all the information that they are seeking about a specific topic, because some information gets buried in that catch-all "What did you do today" thread.

One of the great benefits of forum software - as opposed to Facebook or other instantaneous discussion software - is that forums accumulate a wealth of information that can be searched by topic when a participant comes to the forum seeking information. The "What did you do today" thread negates this benefit.

Just my thoughts on the matter.