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Are the OEM Dallas wheels with Bridgestone potenza re97still for sale? If yes, what city are you in.
You may text me at 714 566 4943
Also, if any of you have done any road course track driving, what are some good tires recommendations that you've used? I've used the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tires, and they worked very well, but they were a bit pricey. I'm thinking of staying with Michelin just to keep continuity between tires. Anyway, if anyone has any other recommendations, please let me know.
Been very happy with hankook rs4's. They get great wear and don't grease up. Not the absolute stickiest tire but they're still plenty fast.
So it turns out my issue with my car was a cylinder 4 misfire, and it ended up being the coils to the spark plugs were bad. That being said, the car is back, and at its peak performance.
I might be interested in the Ferodo pads you have for sale. Can you confirm the part number? I want to confirm they would fit my car. I have a 2018 GTI Autobahn.
If they are correct, would you take $160
I've installed a MIB2 module 3Q0 035 844 ON MY 2015 Golf R and the conversion has been completed with component protection released. I do have sound however I have no Bluetooth or Appleplay presently which is due to the need to reinstall FEC's to re enable those functions. Looking to fully enable the 2015 Golf R to 2016 and up with all Appleplay and bluetooth functions.

Hey man,
Saw that you can provide SW files for MIB2 High.

Below is my system, is there any update available?

HW: H51
SW: 0814

i purchased a pair of mk7.5 gti oem led tail lights for my mk7 gti But the harness ends are different. Everyone is pointing to you as the man with the answers. What harness do I need and what coding? Thank you for your time ps these are North America leds not Euro
I have a stock airbox I would let go for $60 plus shipping. The Caveat is that it is at my father house in Southern VA about 2 hours away. I will probably have it in hand in about a month the next time I see him. You will probably have offers before then but incase you don't I'll hit you up when it's in hand.