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by the way, you have created one of the most idiot proof retrofit write up for anyone who can just follow.
I have the 8IU light, but my 4B is 338, and not 338C like yours. Not sure if i need to upgrade my hardware version.
Hope to hear from you.
PMs suck on this board but you can send me a message via reddit username awd4416. Glad you like the DIY 😂
HI, I am doing LED headlight retrofit now. Need some advice. Notice from VW wiring diagram, module 4B (3Q0907338) are different. Wiring diagram shows 26 total pins, while actual hardware is just 20 pins connection. Can have your email or whatsapp no. for easier discussion? Thank you
Hi Thanks! I have the 20pins 338 unit for 4B. reading the manual now. What puzzles me is the 10pins to 14pins conversion. The wiring kit i bought from China has slightly different pin compare to your guide. May I ask where did you get it from? I will continue to look through wiring manual and hopefully inside.

tks. will contact you via Reddit when i have an account.
I got the harness from Aliexpress, there is a link on the DYI. The Halogen lights have no logic modules so that is why they need so many pins to be activated. The LED lights have control modules on them and that is why they don't need so many pins. This was definitely the hardest part to figure out. Just do your best to wire the 10Pin connector and shoot me a message if you have more questions.
Hey chillout!

Hope you're well!
Im writing you from Sydney AUS

i have a 2019 golf GTI 7.5'

unfortunately my inner front DRLs are not activated, i have an OBD 11 device but i dont know if i am able to activate the inner DRL with this
would you be able to help? any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!
Your recent reply about removing headlight bulbs, I had to gently pry the two metal tabs and then pull the bulb. You can see the two tabs in the picture above.

I had to laugh, because like you, I saw it's just like a basic electrical connector. I have a cousin who did well and married a medical student many years ago. They live in a custom home they built for $1.5M 20 years ago, in Plano.
Hello brother, please I want to order the oem 5 bar wirings from you, message me when you’re online and we’ll talk about it
Hey zrickety, are you located in the LA/SoCal area? What is the reasonable range for carbon cleaning and chain/tensioner replacement? I am wondering if these prices are normal for my area...
I'm south of Atlanta, GA. I've heard of carbon cleaning in the $300 range. The timing chain tensioner can vary quite a bit depending parts. If you don't do extended oil changes you probably don't need the chain or guides. I'll send you a PM.
Asking for Lug Bolt Brand(s) to search for at What Vendor to buy Cosmetically attractive bolts to use on new VMR or Enkei Alloy Wheels. I'm thinking that my stock R-13 Ball Seat VW bolts with their decorative Black Plastic cover wont look GOOD ????
You'll want to start with what specs are needed for the wheels you purchase. VMR often makes their wheels to use OEM bolts with the factory ball seat, Enkei does not and uses an aftermarket conical seat bolt.

The only brands I really recommend are Gorilla or McGard, but some retailers like ECS sell other house brands that are good as well. Most bolts look about that same as far as aesthetics.
Finally upgraded my 2016 golf 7 s from a lowline CECM to a highline CECM. a lot of headaches and tons of bothering the VW dealership but it is done, no faults just fun.