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  • PART 2

    That's saying a lot because the Huper Optik film is quite a bit thicker than other films on the market--that thickness is partially responsible for its enhanced scratch resistance, but also makes installing it, especially over the heating elements on the rear window, really difficult to do without leaving any air bubbles below. But as I said, when they were finished with my job, there wasn't a single imperfection, and more than a half year later, the tinting has stayed absolutely perfect. I don't know which brand of tinting you're looking at, but whatever tint you go with, I'd be totally surprised if the work wasn't done top-notch from Elite. They do charge a bit more than some shops, but like anything else, quality work tends to be at least a little more expensive. And even though they aren't close to me (or you), it's where I'll go next time I need my windows tinted.

    I hope that helps,
    JLX, I'm sending this in two parts as there's a 1000 character limit on these. This is part 1

    I live in the Italian Market and while there are plenty of shops near me, I wanted to go with Huper Optik tinting as it rejects both UV and IR (you won't believe how much cooler the interior stays), but there aren't many local installers, due to its pricing. I checked around and found that Elite Glass Tinting in Prospect Park (not too far from the airport) was a certified installer and apparently had a great reputation, so I went there for it. Super professional. Great communication through the entire process, and the job was done like it came from the factory.

    Hey Al,

    I was just wondering if you could recommend a tint shop in the Philly area. I just bought a '16 GTI over the weekend and would like to tint ASAP. I live near the KOP mall and it seems like Shades of Gray is rated pretty high over in Bucks County.

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