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  • Hi,

    I have had two emails from about a private message from 2 members with an email asking about my cobb, but i do not see any PM in my inbox?

    Are these email spam?

    Many thanks
    grambles - I've been reading up on the K04 mod and frankly trying to learn as much as I can about the common GTI mod's. I will be buying a 2012 GTI Autobahn with DSG with 40K miles for my teenage son, and I'm thinking about building him the dream car that I wanted when I was a teenager. So here's my question - If you were in my shoes and had a budget of about $5K, what would you spend it on in the way of mod's (keep in mind I'm not a DIYer)?
    I plan to get a decent tint job and want to put in the uber stealth install of a nice sub and amp under the rear floor, so I already plan to spend about $1K of that $5K. Where best to spend the next $4K?
    I've been reading though a bunch of your threads... what suspension did you finally settle on? DGs w/ stock dampers and MK2 TT mounts? Thanks.
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