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  • We need to meet soon so we can see if xenon headlights are plug and play on my car, I need to know if I can change them because if I can, I want to do it asap. :thumbup:
    So i finally got a dyno run! I also put a devils own h2o/meth kit on. The #'s arent bad 182/366! Wheel power! So i have good and really bad news... the bad news first: no one can legally give us what we want for/from our cr2.0. Its not legal. The good news: the injectors and cp4.2(hpfp) can support 250whp, the dsg can be calibrated to handle the power, with h2o/meth the stock block could be able to withstand alot of bottle time if one were so inclined to add n2o! Just cant find a tuner who will make it happen ...yet. I have a couple events to take Brook to in the next couple weeks, then back to Wa then down to cali for early december, again after x-mas, then back home in late spring. Probably be back into the golf by summer, hopefully with some tuning available to play with? The next several months i wont have time or even be around to mod the car, although it will be with us in cali!!! Then we can see whats no really i look forward to seeing a local favorite road of yours! Anyways buddy, thought i would share my knowledge or lack still digging for more-
    Hi! :)
    Not necessarily needs to be upgraded, but if you'r willing to its all your!

    Let me know if you want more info about it :)
    You don't have to straight pipe. I believe with the right catalytic converters you can pass emissions. The DPF MUST GO.
    Any time man, im planning a drive to so cal soon lets keep in touch, we spend 1/2 the winter down there as my oldest daughter is a nationally recognized amateur mx rider, and so cal is the best place to train in winter(riverside, lk elsinore)
    The resonator will keep interior resonance at nil, and the hi flo cat will "help" keep soot to a minimum, as well as smell, after i took the egr, dpf, and pcv off my duramax it smelled like a diesel truck again, i dont mind so much with the dmax, but for the car i want to keep the diesel on the DL.
    I dont see any reason it would not pass a visual inspection. The problem you might run into will be with particulate matter in the exhaust stream, these cars run pretty clean, but i dont lnow if the emmissions control goes by a max for the state or by car/ engine size. I know diesels get a different rating system than gas, fortunately i dont have to smog where im at. I have even heard talk, to reduce costs or somethin, and because modern diesels burn soo clean, in 2014, modern diesels will get a free pass. One can only hope.
    I just ordered the tune and exhaust from rawtek yesterday, same with the dsg tune. Im told, and judging by all the numbers for power and shift enhancements, the car will rip, aboit as fast as an R i am going to guess! Imagine that. The rawtek kit is not a straight pipe. It is a downpipe, mid pipe, low pressure egr delete, dpf delete, hi flow cat, resonator and tips in 2.75" ss mandrel bent pipe. It is a complete and comprehensive SYSTEM.
    As for the tune and the downpipe, when the twin gets installed, both these items will need to be replaced, at that time i will probably sell them. Its the price you pay to pioneer a project like this. I am really grateful that these product exist, otherwise im not even sure "i" could pull it off. I will have all this stuff installed, and pics of the battery relocate in a month or so. One of the other reasons this is going to take a while is when im done, you will think the factory produced it.
    No, no luck yet, it has not manifested itself for me yet, hahhaa. JK. Seriously, yes i am pleasently plugging along. R&D is not easy or cheap. I am starting with a complete performance exhaust system from rawtek. During install i will be relocating the battery(to make a spot for the atmospheric charger. At this time i will be removing the stock charger as well to see if any improvements can be easily made to the stock design, and at this time measurements will be made for various plumbing and bracketry. Until i can achieve some max potential #'s for the charger(since i am the first to try and attain any info of this nature with these cars) i really cant say as to what secondary charger to even start with(im thinking a 3788 garrett or an s300 or maybe a s366). That is why i decided to purchase the rawtek kit with malone tune, and hpa dsg tune, the car will be a completely different starting point, and a point thet will be more accurate to take performance measuerments from. Does this all make sense? Its not a instant gratification procedure, this is going to take several months to plan, and possibly an entire month to execute, once the plans have been finalized and finances in place. I wish it happened overnight, my truck is 10mo into its build, and i dont have a twin on it yet either, and there are several kits available for that application already, if that puts some perspective into the situation. Thanks for taking interest.

    It doesn't specifically say anywhere that it is only for TDIs, but the title says Golf VI TDI. We might have to ask their customer support just to make sure.
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