2024 MK8 GTI S rattle diagnosis help


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So I have a 1 month old GTI S with about 2500 miles on it. From around mile 200 or so, Ive noticed this rattle that sounds like its coming from either behind the driver side dash or under the drivers seat. It only happens at highway speeds and appears worse in colder weather with significant headwind. Ive looked under the hood and could not find anything obviously loose. For a little while, it seemed that adjusting my seat by lifting it up solved the issue, but the rattle has returned. Any ideas? Its completely stock and is otherwise working flawlessly!


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If it’s only at highway speeds I would guess it’s a piece of underbody trim flapping around. There’s some aero and splash protection stuff underneath. Take it to a dealer and ask them to check for anything loose under there as a first step.


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...I would guess it’s a piece of underbody trim flapping around.
It might also be as simple as a plastic bag or some other piece of debris that has caught on the bottom of the car.

If you have a good relationship with your dealer, they might investigate and solve the problem free of charge if it is caused by a foreign object rather than a loose part on the car. Otherwise, the least expensive way of investigating might be to go to one of those quick-oil-change places where you drive the car over a pit in the ground, tip the kid running the place $20, and then go down in the pit and have a look at the underside of the car for loose parts or foreign objects.