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cannot post, no response from admin, somebody please help!


New member
My comments on threads and any threads I create are not showing up. No response from JJR32. This post probably won't even show up.

long time member. SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEE!:help::help::help:


5/17/15 - Never forget
JJ hasn't been on since monday afternoon. You'll have to wait until he gets the message as I dont have the power to fix it


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I'm dying over here. I'm losing out on potential buyers because I can't get the word out. Is it a violation of the moderator-user relationship to ask you to post my F/S thread on my behalf and put my email address at the top and bottom so that people can reach out to me?


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also I think I figured out what happened...I had asked last year if there was any way to delete all of my past posts or sort of block my account from being viewed by the public because I was worried about interviews with employers and whatnot.

I was told the admins would look into it. I never heard anything back from them, but it looks like I got my wish and now I'm trying to reverse it haha I very well may have brought this on myself!