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Many already heard about this. Good example for read the f-ing manual. Save the planet (maybe), pay a big towing bill for a diesel tow truck to take your car home or to a charging station in the winter.


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Heard about it over here...funny as hell...but as you say read the manual......

Mind you I still think battery is only good for loads of short trips around the towns/cities....all delivery trucks, home shopping delivery, work trucks etc., should be electric for those places...but it you're out in the sticks, forget it...electric is still not 100% right to cope with everything...

I'm in a small town/large village but out in the sticks (for the UK).....public charging points up here are few & far between..& they are usually full..!!!


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I heard a lot of them were rentals too, so the chance of a non owner renting exacerbates the problem. I have one and have had only positive experiences, but I knew what I was getting into and I also don't live in a heavily populated area where I've ever had to wait for a charger. Most of the time it charges at home anyway.

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My in-laws live where it's been -47 degrees F. I was there one time it was. At the time, the only shopping was at least 25 miles away. Even now, I wouldn't drive one there in the winter. About the rentals, I forgot that Hertz bought 100,000 Model 3's. You can now buy them used from one of Hertz's used car centers. I think the lowest mileages I saw were about 50,000 miles. I saw an article about them from one of the financial or automotive sources (might have been Jalopnik) that stated Hertz cannot get the prices they expected. I think I could have told them that. Someone would need to verify it, but I don't think they give you much of a warranty, and it would probably not be worth it to buy a good "extended warranty". I'm not renting from them anymore, because I don't want to take the chance I'll be stuck with one. The nearest charger is still 25 miles away when I visit my in-laws. Hertz is too expensive to rent from anyway. I used them when I was working because they're usually the closest to the airport terminals and I wasn't paying. Plus, they once gave me a hybrid that wouldn't start when I left to return to the airport.


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The story is about poor infrastructure and people that don't know what they're doing. There are countries with long cold winters and lots of EV's that don't have issues like they had in the US this week.

I'm sure driving a car was harder than using a horse until the technology and infrastructure caught up.

It'll be ok.