Doors suddenly lock with a double 'click'?


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I recently noticed that when I lock the doors, the car makes two 'clicks' instead of one, as if it locks the car in two stages. The second click is around 1 second after the first one. However, if I try to open any doors before the second click, they are already fully closed. You can also notice the side mirrors briefly 'stopping' when the second click is heard, before they continue to fold.

This is the video:

Anyone has seen this?


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In some European markets, the door locking mechanism includes what is known as a "SAFE" mechanism, which is an additional step in locking the vehicle. That may be what you are seeing.

I am not too familiar with it, I remember first encountering this when exploring the differences between UK market & NAR (North American Region) market cars about 15 years ago. I'm sorry I can't recall the details better.



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Yes, it does flash (check my video at the top).

It's not something I've paid too much attention in the past, but I only noticed it a few days ago (funnily enough after it came back from the garage for a faulty roof light module, which has been replaced).
Also, I had another mk8 until September (lease then expired), and I don't remember hearing this double lock, you pressed the button on the key, it only locked once.