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I posted a question a few months ago regarding Driver Profiles e.g.

I have a Mk8 R-Line 150ps, Petrol, Manual Gearbox and the mode can be set to eco, comfort sport and individual. I honestly can't tell the difference between any of these driver profiles. I thought that in Sport mode the throttle response would be more instant but it doesn't feel any different to me at all.

Sadly I didn't get any replies. VW customer service couldn't help in fact they were useless. My main Dealer also doesn't seem to know! All of the options are available on the display. Am I missing some further option that makes all this work?


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I can only comment on how it works on my Clubsport with DSG but I believe it is the same on a manual golf besides the gear changes:
  • Eco - light steering, the least responsive throttle response
  • Comfort - light steering, more responsive throttle response
  • Sport - stiff steering, the most responsive throttle response, always keeps a lower gear for better response (DSG only)
  • Individual - pick and choose how you want everything
The difference is noticeable, at least to me personally. You don't have to anything other that change the driving modes.

I have had driving modes on my MK7.5, 1.4 TSI, 150PS and I noticed the difference there also.


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Perhaps your Clubsport has extra features that the R Line doesn't have, maybe DCC? not sure if I have that or not, just guessing here.


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I have DCC and if you have DCC the suspension also changes depending on the driving mode. BUT I did not mention suspension settings above because I thought you do not have DCC. It is easy to check if you have DCC. Go to Individual driving mode, configure it and at the top there should be a setting for suspension stiffness.

Regardless of DCC all the above mentioned applies to cars without DCC but with drive mode selector only.


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I also had a Mk7 1.4 6sp 125PS and playing with the Driver Profile settings certainly made a noticable difference. Perhaps the DP option on OP's car isn't enabled, if you know what mean, perhaps pop into (hopefuly) local (often) friendly) and (usually) helpful VW dealer to ask for a demo will help ? Will still be under warranty so make them 'earn their corn' and at least have a lok at it....


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In the owner’s manual it states :

Behaviour of the Drive vehicle system when the ignition is switched off and on

The settings of the Drive vehicle system are reset to the settings of the Comfortdriving profile as soon as you switch the ignition off and on again.

You can switch the Drive vehicle system to the settings of the desired driving profile again:
  • Select the desired driving profile again.
  • OR: to activate the settings in the Sportdriving profile again, move the selector lever of the automatic gearbox back to the S position.
The other vehicle systems retain their settings when you switch the ignition off and then back on again.

Not sure if this affects the throttle response.


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Whatever drive profile I select is remembered between ignition off/on. Also in the sport setting mode there is no option for suspension stiffness. I'll go to another VW dealer and quiz them about it, someone must know?