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Hi Everyone, I bought myself a new Golf 7.5 Variant 1.5 EVO (150) manual in late 2019.

I was planning to return to the FCA fold with something else new in the Spring of 2020,
but this heavily-discounted mica black coloured Estate just ticked so many boxes as a
DD/all-rounder it was hard to ignore.

It still has only covered 5K miles, mostly due to the ongoing you-know-what situation,
but I've have managed a couple of 'improvements' on it so far. The mostly excellent,
detailed information that has been posted on here makes me ponder doing some more
- even if I 'sensibly' consider that they are not really necessary...


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I take it its the 125PS SE Spec looking at the roof rails?

Plenty of things to improve the car using standard VW parts, just look at my how to guides in my signature....

Or read my build guide for ideas...

Both guaranteed to empty the wallet...🤭