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Forza Horizon


I brake for apexes!
I'd be down to do S as well, but I don't like anything faster than that online. If you've got a group you race with LMK and ill join. It would be cool to have a golfmkv group too.

Rude Jr

Drummer for Subject 16
Nice, I'll add you next chance I get. Or you can add me: SynystrFknGates

Are you in a car club?

Rude Jr

Drummer for Subject 16
I'm usually on like mon-thurs 9:00pm-1:30am-ISH haha and weekends when I'm actually home of course


Ready to race!
Go big or go home.

This pic was hard to do. required a lot of exposure to actually see the car. It may have been my TV though.


Ready to race!
I play fh4 fairly often with a buddy from highschool and a buddy from college, we mostly cruise around and sometimes race either with cars of the same class or cars with the exact same build.