FY22 R Line bumper protector?


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Hi, just wanted to know if there is such a thing in existence. I’ve tried two different after market protectors that claimed to be for a 2022 registered Golf 1.5 TFSi in R Line trim. Neither seemed to fit properly on the inner edge and neither extended far enough past the lip to actually offer any real protection. I even tried the dealer where I bought the car (Heritage of Weston) and their parts guy offered me the same as my second EBay purchase.
Is the R Line bumper the same as you he GTi or Golf R bumper, or is it a complete one off in the VW parts bin!? I am amazed there isn’t a decent option available! Any help would be very welcome. Thx


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If you can’t find one, it’d be worth keeping a car rug (or similar) in the boot that you could lay over the bumper to protect it from damage when you’re loading / unloading.