GTI spotted


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I was driving to lunch and spotted a black MK8 GTI. The headlights were a dead giveaway. When I passed it the wheels looked like what I've seen in the pics. Same with the taillights. I didn't see if it had a dual exhaust. Was about to bang a U turn to get a picture but didn't. This was in Milpitas, CA. Anyone else spot this?

I thought the car wasn't going to be released until later this year.


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Could it be imported?
Or being tested and reviewed by a US motoring publication to give would-be owners a taste of what’s to come when it officially arrives in the US?


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I know APR imported one but I checked and that was a gray one. They are on the east coast anyway.

Press car sounds more plausible. But I've got to say it was better looking in person than from the pictures that I've seen.