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But this being said, is not the right site for me and my MK4
You replied to yourself again. Don't be so quick. Now's a good time to practice

A lot of the mk7 guys had mk4's. Your car problem isn't platform specific at least. But yeah for maximum support from folks who would understand your platform better the Mk4 section is where you'll want to be.


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Here's a summary of actual helpful info to get you started in the next forum, where people hopefully know Mk4 stuff better. This is generic stuff that applies to pretty much all cars.

To pass emissions, you need 2-3 things.
1. The ECU needs to read readiness on the emissions channels. If your car is tuned, these channels may be turned off. If they are, you will need a dealer or tuner to turn them back on.
2. O2 sensor needs to think your cat is working. This either requires a functional cat or a good 02 spacer. Spacers can be a pain in the butt trial and error to get right, but you don't have to hack up your exhaust.
3. Visual inspection. This varies from state to state and even county to county. But if you require a visual inspection, no cat=no pass, even if you have a spacer telling the 02 sensor it's fine.

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Hey you should probably go back and edit your first post and remove the attachments, looks like you doxxed yourself. 😄

OT: Contact @jay745 and he can probably help you get a cat welded on
this was the most helpful post....srsly I would PM Jay to see what he says. He's in Chicago area and we trust him.

I admit to laughing at many posts in this thread.

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