Light Bar. Can it change colour?


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I've had my Golf 8 since September 2021. the light bar has always been white. But last week when I was putting the car in the garage both my wife and daughter remarked that they had never seen the light bar lit up blue and they liked it.

Now it's back to being white and I was thinking there must be an option to change the colour but I can't find it.

Did we imagine the blue colour?


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I suspect you imagined the blue colour (more precisely, perhaps it was caused by the effect of other ambient lighting near the car).

To the best of my knowledge, the front light bar (between the headlights) is only capable of displaying white. This is likely because laws governing vehicle lighting in most countries only permit the display of white lighting at the front of a car (turn signals excepted). It would be quite confusing and dangerous if someone was capable of changing the front light bar colour to red.



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@aitcheff - For the reasons @PanEuropean has said, only white lighting is permitted for forward facing lighting on cars in the UK (I see your location is Redhill, Surrey in the UK), other than forward facing turn signals / indicators which are orange. So yes, you will have imagined your car’s light bar being illuminated in blue.

The exception to the above would be emergency services vehicles that can have coloured forward facing lighting - e.g. blue or green flashing lighting (usually mounted in the radiator grille or door mirrors), or rotating roof mounted beacons that are only used to warn other road users of their presence in an emergency response situations.

For a general member of the public to fit coloured lighting would be illegal, and may also invalidate their insurance, potentially giving the insurance company the opportunity to decline to pay claims.

I personally aren’t a fan of the current trend of fitting forward facing light bars to cars. I see that Mercedes also fit them to some of their cars (I dare say there are other car manufacturers that do too). IMHO they are a bit gimmicky - that’s just my opinion though, and no doubt many mk8 Golf owners whose cars have a light bars will really like them which is fine by me 🙂.