OBD11 Tutorial - Coding carbon steering wheel (Travel Assist)


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Hello everyone, following my change of steering wheel to a carbon one, I had the Travel assist unavailable and Emergency assist unavailable faults. I searched for 6 months for a programmer capable of erasing them but no one in France to my knowledge. I succeeded in erasing them with OBD11 after several tries, so I share my tutorial with you.

Please note that I strongly advise you to save the original values before starting. I could not be responsible if the procedure fails.
Of course, this procedure will deactivate the travel assist and the emergency assist definitively which in any case do not work with an aftermarket steering wheel (not tested the line assist). But you can of course re-activate them by putting the original values

Successfully tested on Golf 8 GTI 2021.

1. Switch on the ignition without starting the engine
2. Open the hood (if possible connect a charger)
3. Turn off all unnecessary components (headlights, screen, etc.)

During the procedure, NEVER close the driver's door (risk of putting the computers on standby)

Before starting I strongly recommend that you make a backup of the ECUs concerned

ECU A5: Driver Assistance

- Select "Secure access"
- ID: 20103
- Click OK

- Select long coding

Replace the original values with these:

- AAG = not coded
- ACC = not coded
- Configuration for lane departure warning Kl15 = Not activated
- Lane assist system mode = Selection over menu
- HC mob line = not coded
- HC = not coded
- ALDW = not coded
- Lane assist off text=disabled
- Radar support function = not coded

Optional: emergency assist = not coded

ECU 13: Adaptive Cruise control

- Select "Secure access"
- ID: 20103
- Click OK

- Select long coding

Replace the original values with these:

- Control module for lane assist = not fitted
- Capacitive steering wheel = not fitted
- Travel assist = disabled
- Assistant for end of traffic jam 1.0 = disabled
- Cruise control mode = disabled
- PACC Reaction to end traffic jam = disabled
- PACC regulation on priority = disabled


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Made an account to say that your tutorial worked and I finally have no more Christmas lights on my dash!