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here is my very first HDR attempt ever! i didnt use a tripod, so its not great, and i just assembled it in photomatix basic, so its not fancy.

Do any of you all use software to make multiple exposure settings from a single RAW image? If so what do you use?
I use Photomatix Pro. Its the newest version. I don't remember the numbers. But you can go to and get a non registered version for free and try it out right from the site.

To start out use Av or whatever Aperature Priority mode you have on you camera. It's either A (Nikon) or Av (Canon). Some cameras cannot set up for AEB (auto exposure bracketing). You will have to use exposure compensation manually. But if you can go to the menu and stop down to -2 0 +2 and put the camera on high speed shooting (thats what I use) put the camera on a sturdy tripod, compose the shot and hold down the shutter until all 3 shots are taken. I would use a remote shutter release for this. Oh, and make sure to use manual focus. The auto focus just gets in the way. Well, there you have it! Good luck!


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holy hell, sometimes less is more guys..

some of my cobra:

and one of my city:

CC shots to come, but white probably won't pop like it does with darker colors.. time will tell :smile:


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It's a little overdone, but I've only ever done a few of these and just use Photomatix for them...