Replacement Key Question


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Hi folks,

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I have lost the second key to my 71 plate golf Mk8 and need it to trade my car in ASAP. I can’t find any reliable or consistent information online on how much this will cost - does anyone have any ideas on here how much it will cost and how long the key will take to acquire?

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I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it is extraordinarily expensive to replace a lost key.

It can only be done at a VW dealer. There will be a delay of perhaps one or two weeks after the dealer orders the new key from VW. The new key has to be custom-cut (referring to the little 'emergency key' bit that can be removed from the fob) and then shipped to the dealer.

Once the new key arrives at the dealership, you have to bring in the car and all the other keys. The dealer then hooks the car up to the VW main computer system and the new key will be authorized. Any existing keys need to be re-authorized at the same time.

My guess, based on past experience with the MK 7, is that it will cost you about USD $250 for the new key itself (the charge for the part) and about another 1 hour of labour to have the programming done.

There are no shortcuts possible.