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Snapshot of the day...


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took a floatplane tour of the fjords in Ketchikan Alaska, landed in the middle of a lake in the middle of the mountains :)

the floatplane we took

sunrise in Tracy Arm, AK

those are my contributions for the day... let's see what you've got...

maybe this should be a sticky? :iono:


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Here's one. Why is it all my other ones are too large? I had some beautiful pics of Germany but they kept reading too large. Even of I crop it down to next to nothing they still say too large. Davesee, how do you get a whole pic in there?
Anyways, here's a shot taken in Amsterdam.



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kirk, i downsized to 800x600 i think, then used medium jpeg compression..

i think they have to be under a certain filesize as well as physical size


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This the drive to work (more scenery pictures later). I drive 30+ miles from Girdwood Alaska to Anchorage Alaska.... In my new (to me) MKIV GTI 1.8T! weeeee