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EVs have been "Real soon now" for many buyers for over a decade. We have a volt. It's great. She loves it. I almost bought a Kia Niro instead of the GTI. Just needed a bit more pep, and it would've been a done deal. The plug in Niro would have been a buy, because it's got a bit more get up and go.

A well sorted EV is a fantastic option, the model 3 is pretty well it, though still pricier than we were all hoping. Naysayers talking about Lithium mining and charge times and range anxiety haven't driven or owned an EV. "I can't drive across the country with one without stopping for a 20 minute charge every 3 hours" is like the person who drives a giant truck every week to buy milk at 11 MPG because once every 4 years they buy an appliance.

Around the turn of the century, naysayers talked about how expensive owning a newfangled Prius would be with all the complicated electrical stuff that can go wrong and those big batteries that will cost you half a house to replace. Fast forward- the prius is the lowest cost of ownership by a wide margin.

I will probably buy a VW ID. The E-Golf is nearly there, but your battery preserving safe daily winter highway range is one third of the stated range- I need 140 miles of range. A GTI EV will be fantastic.

Insane mode, ludicrous mode, now their fast version is called Plaid. As a GTI enthusiast, that makes me smile.


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Dope but they are going to price themselves out of the market by the time they drop, especially the Dream variant.
Ouch yeah I hadn't looked at prices yet.

Tesla's are for peasants!!


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I watched the LUCID REVEAL and it was about the most boring thing I've ever seen. I was waiting for raw driving footage, demonstrations and finally just turned it off. More of a teaser just like everything else seems to be.