Toyota GR Corolla Discussion


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I'm the opposite, and I'm really starting to think the R is a step in the wrong direction for me. I'm sick of how civilized the Mk7 is. It's no fun. It's capable and it doesn't complain about being asked to do fun things like a Mercedes or Volvo will. But it could use a lot more juvenile tendencies. There are no surprises, no snap oversteer, no wagging rear end, no sudden unweighting of the steering, etc. Aside from the lack of tuning potential, the GRolla is seeming more appealing to me right now.

Of course so is just keeping the GTI as a responsible car and building a Caterham in its previous parking spot, have fun on the street, VDub! I just discovered that my neighbor with a 997 actually has a four poster in his garage and a Caterham on the lift. Imma have to move, or I'll seem like a I copied him.
I'm at .30 toe out rear. You want oversteer. I've got your oversteer. 🤣🤣🤣

I've got a buddy with a 7 replica that has a 1300cc Hyubusa engine. It's a riot.


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Reviews I'm seeing are that the GR is a blast to drive, but most won't want to use it as an only car due to the more hardcore nature of the car. It's more of a toy.

To me, that defeats the purpose of a hatchback, and is why I love my mildly modded GTI so much. I slogged through traffic this morning, comfortable as could be, I can put seats down and make a run to get mulch, I can pick up the kid and friends from school and drop at soccer practice, and then track it this weekend, and it does all of them pretty well. Only downside to the GTI/R for me is the cooling capacity and blowing smoke under braking, which can be fixed with a variety of PCV/CC solution and an oil cooler.
I don't think it'll be an issue. I currently drive a corolla hatch which is fine for a DD, I imagine gorolla is the same but stiffer. I don't think it'll be too different than the GTI, especially since the GTI on coils was still perfectly daily-able for me.

The downside is that the trunk is definitely smaller in the gorolla. The packaging around the rear suspension just isn't as tight as it is in the MK7/8 platforms, and the sloping hatch eats up some space as well


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Still holding out hope for a GRC. I talk to my dealer every couple of weeks. Still 2nd in line (and have been reassured multiple times the guy in front isn't going to back out), but I don't have any interest in playing crazy games or trying to chase one down. If this dealer gets me one, great. If not, then no harm no foul
I talked to a dealer a few days ago...they told me they can't order one, they don't know when they're coming, and they can't even give me a price. Their advice was to watch when youtubers started getting them and then come back.


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Sounds like a dealer (or sales rep) that doesn't know much. Toyota doesn't really work on orders anyway, more of an allocation "here's what we already made, you get to pick something from this bucket". Allocations are given down from regional offices, so dealers can't do much until they're allocated one.