VW to put out 40th edition GTI


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Fingers crossed Tornado Red is still single stage so I can see a Tornado Pink Mk8 in a few years.
It hasn't been single stage for a while. Definitely not single stage on the mk7/7.5


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Having had a MK8 1.5lt EVO, SE spec as a courtesy car for a day.....not a fan...

  • More wind noise around windscreen & generally noisier than my car, even though my car is on wider summer rubber!!
  • Heating controls buried in the a stupid slide control for the fan speed...virtually impossible to do whilst driving...actual dial in MK7 easy.
  • No idea what the feck the heating system is doing unless you press the "clim/air con" haptic button to bring up the heating menu on the touchscreen....
  • Dash heater vents are way too low & overall its a crap design..dosn't wrap around the driver like the MK7.
  • Front door to dash area, looks like they just gave up.
  • Lane assist, can't turn it off as it resets to on with every ignition cycle....& Lane Assist is crap anyway!
  • Auto headlights, again can't turn it off as it resets to "auto" at every ignition cycle..& Auto is crap anyway!
  • Haptic buttons for headlights...fecking useless, wildly stabbing at them to get them to do anything, even after reading the manual...what the feck is wrong with the existing turn knob on my MK7??..
  • No bonnet lift..old fashion WTF??
  • Seriously over assisted power steering...actually no driving modes!
Basically, TOO MUCH "AUTO".....& I wonder "if" VCDS would be able to turn off most of the auto on stuff!!

Agree that some adjustment might be possible in say a GT/GTI/GTD/R..
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Thanks for giving me more reasons just to keep the MK7 lol.

Ok it was only a 1.5lt EVO in SE spec...with multilink rear... however all of the stuff that I hated is the same thats on the GTI/R etc.....

& yes I was happy to hand it back & get mine back again!!!... :love: