What hobbies do you have


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My hobby is cycling.

I have always been keen on sports. I played football (soccer if you are American) from a young age until I became too old and slow. To try and keep fit I started running until I was told by my doctor that I had to stop due to problems with my left knee, which is when I took up cycling.

Originally, I only cycled for fitness but now I cycle because I enjoy it so much and the fitness is an added benfit.


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My main hobby is car detailing. Really got into it 6-7 years ago and it just took off. I even do so part time details on the weekends to make some extra money as well as help out others.


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Computer gaming, did play Battle field 4 for a long while until EA dropped the ball with Battlefield hardline, now playing minecraft while waiting for a decent shooter to play (PC btw).


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Computer gaming and hardware, mountain biking, boating, robotics, engineering, cars


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My wife and I race mountain bike. We did a race yesterday, 96.2 miles. It was hot as hell here in Memphis.


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1. Driving Nordschleife as fast as possible
2. Music of the 80s (only 12''-, Extended-, Club-, Dub-, Dance-Mixes etc.)
3. Arts of the 20s & 30s of the last Century (Bauhaus, De Stijl, Avantgarde etc.)


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Wow that is some distance. The most I have ridden in one ride todate is 70 miles. My target is to ride 100 miles.
That was my longest MTN bike ride to date. I had done some 75 miles rides, trail and road combined. My longest road ride I have done is 101. I started doing it to get back in shape and to have a hobby with my wife. Now she is winning races she enters and on group road rides she pulls a lot of the time.

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other than cars:
- Snowboarding
- Basketball (I played house basketball all through late elementary to high school, and junior varsity for high school, also coached for 2 seasons as house bball)
- I recently started MT Biking after a 12 year hiatus, but not competing races, for exercise and fun.
- Going to gym, lifting weights, cardio, etc. (more of a routine for me than a hobby)

I'm a pretty adventurous person and i always find new things, particularly on a holiday, like jet skiing, driving 4 wheelers, whatever I can find. I enjoy that sort of stuff.


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Guns, and my reef tank.....
hobbies are getting too expensive.
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I have quite a few hobbies that I love:

1. Watches - I have three Rolex's (2 - Daytona's and one GMT Pepsi) and a Bell & Ross
2. Racing - I have my SCCA and BMWCCA comp licenses and love to drive in endurance races (6 - 12 hour races)
3. Spartan Races - yes, this is me running in them, not driving LOL! I do them because they're not easy
4. Wine - I have about 120 bottles in my cellar. Not too many, but some choice stuff
5. Scotch - just getting into this more and more. I love the complexity and how different they can be
6. Working out - kind of goes hand-in-hand with both types of racing I like to do. I actually have a full gym in my basement that my wife and I use regularly
7. Travel - I've been to 13 different countries and love to experience new cultures
8. Skating - I used to play ice hockey, but don't have the time. Now I teach my little one and her cousins
9. Skiing - I've been skiing for 37 years and still love it. This winter I'll have my 3 year old out!


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Computer gaming, did play Battle field 4 for a long while until EA dropped the ball with Battlefield hardline, now playing minecraft while waiting for a decent shooter to play (PC btw).

Try the Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light series. It isn't multiplayer, but a fantastic series none the less. I was completely immersed.