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Your BEST picture


golfmkv elitist -_-
love that shot dan, looks great.

here is my favorite one, wish it wasnt so grainy but i dont think ill ever get a shot like this again.



golfmkv elitist -_-
surprisingly my cheap 55-200DX, i was limited to what i could bring gear wise for the fishing trip so i chose that one. ill try to find this sunset picture i took on the same trip that i absolutely love aswell.


Autocross Champion
i see, then you got pretty lucky to get that close to a bald eagle
most guys i know use like 500's to reach those guys

ive never seen one in the wild


golfmkv elitist -_-
believe me you would have been just as blown away as me of you were there. it was at a friends fishing lodge and the eagles know when feeding time is so they perch in the trees waiting for us to throw the bones out. they are literally 30 feet infront of you. there was about 20-30 feeding infront of me at a time. something i will never experience again unless i go back to the same lodge.


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don't know if it's my best but it's my most recent fav, trying to mimic Ansel Adams
taken near Vancouver during xmas vacation


wow thats incredible looking. cant wait for mr traceporter to show some of his stuff.
:laugh: uh ah um i have to dig up pics on my external. i wish i had more time to shoot. i have a cool time exposure i did of taxi's in times square once, ill post it up when i get home.