It takes a car guy

to look at your dog while you're brushing her, and think.....

"is this where Mercedes got their inspiration for pontoon fenders?"

and the rest of the dog



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some dogs get hot to the touch FAST in the sun


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so this is younger lab (5 years) must have been bite or scared by something one night in my lite, fenced in suburban back yard because she almost won't go out into the yard on her own anymore......we're back to rewarding good behavior's like having a toddler again lol


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I’m going to get out my laser thermometer and see how hot my black lab’s fur gets in the sun. Guessing 120-150°
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Got myself a monster yesterday.





I really hope I can break her of some bad habits. She's a very sweet, friendly, and playful dog. She doesn't have much chill though. It takes a while for her to relax and lay down. It wasn't until about 9pm last night that she finally laid down and took a nap.

The people at the shelter kept saying she's been passed up because she's high energy. She's not out of control high energy though. I haven't had her for 24 hours yet, but I feel like she's starting to learn.

I wasn't sure how potty training was going to go. She had a couple accidents on the patio and an accident in the house within the first couple hours of her getting home, but after that she's done good. She had no accidents last night. She let me sleep until about 8am before she started getting in my face, and no accidents during the night.


Her history is that she was a street dog, emaciated and missing fur. The shelter got her like this and they've had her for almost a full year. She's about 1 year and 8 months old, so most of her life was in a shelter that holds nearly 1k dogs. Weighs about 42 lbs. They had her listed as a lab/retriever mix. I think she's got a bit of pit in her though. I feel like half her weight is in her rear legs, it's crazy how muscular those things are for a 40lb dog. Some of the things she does kinda reminds me of how my friends pit acts too.

When I saw how confident and playful she was at the shelter I thought she'd make a really good dog, but we got some work to do.