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My little crappy dolly was gonna get us hurt once we got it up on the porch, so the solution was to slide it on a moving blanket (which actually worked incredibly well).
Oh dude. The entire time I was doing it I was right on the crest of getting hurt. I built a ramp to go over the stairs in the garage and couldn't lift it alone so I was ratchet strapping it up. It was terrifying I won't lie

GTI Jake

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Nice, looks like the same one my dad has lol. Women secretly love shenanigans/drama, otherwise they get bored

Technically it’s my dads haha, he upgraded to a newer Kubota and hooked me up (but he’s also got land down here we maintain with it).

Intentional or not she’s got no lack of entertainment haha



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^ I'm jealous of that machinery. I just got a safe last week but had to unload it from the truck and into my house alone with just a dolly and some ratchet straps. It was not fun
Haha, I had to do the same. Except I used some climbing rope and belay to assist.


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So here’s a quick question from my shoot day yesterday, I got to shoot my buddies unmodified Beretta Apex. Anyone own one and can provide an honest review? It was smooth target reacquisition, and a really nice weapon to shoot.


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