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Mans toughed it out with the W13 and W14, and then hopped in the W15 and said "I gotta get out of here"

I will say ... he's gonna be what, 40 or 41 when he goes to Ferrari? Yeah Alonso made it happen at AM this past year but realistically, how many years of great-good-decent Hamilton is Ferrari going to get?


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Andretti approved by FIA but not liberty media/F1 because they won’t be competitive.

Meanwhile you can throw a 10 year old in a kart and they can get more points than vids cash app ebay only fans alibaba Wells Fargo racing bull and haas put together

They even offered to pay the $20,000,000 for existing teams to not lose money. Make it make sense

Adding to this and haas. Gene has already publicly said he doesn’t want to put more money in haas. When they’re dead last in constructors yet again and sponsors pull out because Gunther’s stardom is gone…. He’s going to be up shit creek without a paddle. He’ll regret not selling to Andretti when he had the chance. Haas’s only saving grace and money maker was shown the door.


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Damn shoulda had some Ferrari stocks


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Lewis getting paid $10 million PER YEAR with his multi year contract. A substantial amount higher than he’s ever been paid.


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