Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing



I believe counteroffensive will be successful – Zelenskyy (

A Russian navy ship that carries a mini-submarine photographed near the Nord Stream gas pipelines days before sabotage explosions, a report says (

Fire breaks out in sanctioned Russia's factory manufacturing MLRS (

Irish support for Ukraine 'unwavering' following 'threatening and chilling' embassy remarks (

Russia responds with threats to Ireland's support for its military volunteer killed in Ukraine (

Presidents of Slovakia and Czech Republic visit Kyiv | Watch (

Presidents of Czech Republic and Slovakia continue their visit after overnight stay in Kyiv (

Putin Faces Threat of 'Military Mutiny,' Former Russian Commander Warns (

Ukraine's Security Service detains 6 people who organised sham "referendums" in Kherson and Luhansk oblasts (

Zelenskyy: Hungary's behaviour is unreasonable. How can a NATO country support Russia and oppose the Alliance? (

Budapest to Zelenskyy: Hungarian people paid high price for this war already (

UK Defense Ministry: 'Realistic possibility' Russia attempted to intercept Ukrainian supply route in its April 28 mass strike (

Videos appear to show the aftermath of a precision strike by US-supplied HIMARS missiles on officers' quarters at a Russian base in Ukraine (

Ukraine Knocks Out Power With Attack in Russia: Report (

Russians loot houses of local residents in Luhansk Oblast – General Staff (

Russian court fines war critic who asked for prison instead (

Every Plane in the Russian Air Force (

Polish Prime Minister spoke about strengthening borders near Russian Kaliningrad Oblast (

Russian commanders are brutally punishing their own soldiers by putting them in 'holes in the ground,' UK intel says (

Russian ambassador should apologize to family of Irish fighter killed in Ukraine, politician claims (

The Week That Made Russia Nervous (

Russian City Shares Map of Shelters Amid Attacks From Ukraine (

Ukraine controls key supply route into Bakhmut - military (

7 Known 'Wagner Cemeteries' in Russia and Occupied Ukraine (

Russia Reported to Be Punishing Soldiers in Medieval Zindans (

Russian troops get radiation sickness after camping in the Chernobyl (

Russian-speaking residents in Riga call on Putin "not to protect" them after Russian State Duma statement (

Russia-Ukraine live updates: Counteroffensive to launch ahead of F-16 deliveries (



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Reminiscent of Stalin: ISW explains why Putin keeps changing military leadership (

Pope open to helping return Ukrainian children in Russia (

Lithuania's Foreign Minister: Demand peace talks from Putin, not Zelenskyy (

Ex-Russian Commander Admits Ukraine 'Successfully' Repelling Putin's Troops (

Brother of Irishman killed in Ukraine blasts Russian Ambassador after 'threatening' statement about his death (

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief meets NATO's Europe Commander to discuss future scenarios (

Crimea Oil Depot Blast Was Preparation for Full-Scale Offensive: Ukraine (

Ex-Russian Children's Rights Commissioner Advocates Killing Ambassadors (

Russia’s Spetsnaz special forces have been absolutely crushed in Ukraine (

This Is Desperate Putin’s Last Chance for a Reboot (

Ukrainian morale is high and that’s why they’ll win says General Milley (

Ombudsman advises Ukrainians to accept Russian passports under occupation: This is a matter of survival (

Russians fired at the fire station in Orikhiv (

Rebuilding within sight of the Russians in Donbas (

Ukrainian military official on oil depot explosion in Sevastopol: Preparatory work for offensive actions (

Russian forces made some gains but Ukraine's defence forces regained their positions – Ukraine's Deputy Defence Minister (

Russia's war on Ukraine latest: Pope says Vatican involved in secret Ukraine peace mission (

Zelenskyy thanks partners: Together we'll be able to prevent Russia from prolonging war (

Surprise resort trips and empty hotel rooms reveal how Russia's plan for an easy victory in Ukraine fell apart (

Russian forces unsuccessfully tried to advance on 2 fronts – General Staff report (

Melnyk on negotiations with the Russian Federation: A rotten compromise will not ensure stable peace (

Russians abandon school building for children of Russian diplomats, now returned to Warsaw City Hall (

Jailed Putin critic Navalny’s health is deteriorating, daughter tells CNN (

Ukraine’s counteroffensive: Goals, opportunities, risks (

Ukraine says it still holds parts of Bakhmut, Russia reports progress (

Pope says Vatican involved in Ukraine, Russia peace mission (

Pope Francis confirms secret Vatican mission in Ukraine (

Twitter Restricts Dmitry Medvedev's Account Over Offensive Poland Tweet (

Ukraine must take back Crimea to stop Russia’s sick imperialistic dreams (

Explosion derails train in Russian border region (

Ukraine's Defence Minister believes Russia will receive signal to give up revenge and collapse (

Bungling Russian Troops Suffer Radiation Poisoning After Fishing Expedition Next to Site of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (

McCarthy Shuts Down Russian Reporter Over Ukraine Aid Question | Watch (

Ukraine war looms over Switzerland UN presidency (


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I’ve worked at (seemingly) hundreds of fuel farms (storage) and always had a fear of fire at the facility. Hard to believe that no one was injured but these sites are usually operated with very few personnel. I’m hoping for more attacks on Russia, on Russian infrastructure and on Russian soil.

Russian fuel storage attack


I’ve worked at (seemingly) hundreds of fuel farms (storage) and always had a fear of fire at the facility. Hard to believe that no one was injured but these sites are usually operated with very few personnel. I’m hoping for more attacks on Russia, on Russian infrastructure and on Russian soil.

Russian fuel storage attack
That can be a bit of a risk as they'd be going from "we're defending ourselves" to being the aggressor.They know that, which may be why they they faked the Kremlin attack today. On the other hand, the Russians may not pay attention until the war affects the average Russian.



Reuters: Putin not invited to King Charles' coronation (

Russia Does Not Have Enough Weapons For A Successful Ukraine Offensive, UK Says (

Putin claims he’s cancelling public celebrations over safety fears. The truth is more humiliating (

Russian defense chief wants wartime missile output doubled (

Ukraine escalates sabotage operations ahead of counteroffensive (

For the first time since it invaded Ukraine, Russia is expected to start buying Chinese yuan again to replenish its foreign reserves (

Thousands of Russian soldiers are on trial for desertion, what will happen to them? (

Putin's press secretary claims US knows nothing about Russia's losses at war (

Putin ‘humiliated’ after new missiles ‘plunge into sea’ (

Investigative Stories from Ukraine: Journalists find Russian servicemen allegedly responsible for launching missile killing colleague (

Gamers are using a secret online level to dodge Russian censorship and share news about the war in Ukraine (

Kremlin document shows how Russia is instructing state news outlets to handle potential losses in Ukraine counteroffensive: report (

How Russia Is Squandering Its Big Naval Advantage (

Russia Hit With Wave of Sabotage Attacks as Second Train Derailed (

Russian Spy Network Smuggles EU Tech – FT (

Ukraine’s military is stronger than U.S. leaks indicated, Blinken says (

Ukraine counter-offensive under way, says Russian mercenary leader (

Kremlin Says Putin Survived Overnight Assassination Attempt (

Real or not, reported Kremlin drone attack unsettles Russia - ABC News (

Kremlin drone: Putin assassination attempt? What to know about alleged attack (

U.S. had no warning of a drone attack on the Kremlin, officials say - POLITICO

Kremlin drone: Zelensky denies Ukraine attacked Putin or Moscow - BBC News


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That can be a bit of a risk as they'd be going from "we're defending ourselves" to being the aggressor.They know that, which may be why they they faked the Kremlin attack today. On the other hand, the Russians may not pay attention until the war affects the average Russian.
Yep that makes sense. Zelensky was quick to point out that the drone attacks weren’t Ukrainian and that they don’t attack, only defend. I was thinking that Russian awareness and being affected negatively might be a good thing. I hadn’t considered that Putin would fake an attack to gain support for his invasion. I forgot how he came to power, lol. So are you saying that the drone attack on the Kremlin was faked to generate support?


Yep that makes sense. Zelensky was quick to point out that the drone attacks weren’t Ukrainian and that they don’t attack, only defend. I was thinking that Russian awareness and being affected negatively might be a good thing. I hadn’t considered that Putin would fake an attack to gain support for his invasion. I forgot how he came to power, lol. So are you saying that the drone attack on the Kremlin was faked to generate support?
Probably to gain support and to justify additional attacks. Now he's blaming it on the US.

It doesn't add up - the Ukrainians clearly know where Putin is and know that he doesn't spend the night there. An attack would most probably have been with far more drones and, even if unsuccessful, would have done some damage.



We need regime change in Russia — but how? (

Time Is Running Out for a Negotiated Settlement in Ukraine | Opinion (

Details in the drone incident the Kremlin says aimed to assassinate Putin 'don't quite add up.' Experts have 3 theories on what happened. (

Russians are storing explosives at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant – State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate (

Satellite images show scale of Russian defenses ahead of anticipated Ukraine offensive | Watch (

Drone use restricted in another 2 Russian regions (

Ukrainian snaps vintage portraits of soldiers on the frontline (

Russia 'very unlikely' to use nuclear weapons, US intel chief (

Zelenskyy visits ICC in The Hague | Watch (

Putin 'is preparing a contingency plan for defeat,' sources claim (

US Spies Can’t Yet Judge Russia Claim That Ukraine Drones Targeted Kremlin (

Putin's Enemies Inside Russia Behind Drone Attack—Zelensky Ally (

Major fire occurs near plant in Russian Stavropol Krai (

Propaganda war: US says Russia suffers massive casualties, Kremlin claims information is false (

Grisly Double Murder Is the Russian Shadow Army’s New Scandal (

Russia Blames U.S. for Drone Attack (

Russian state media: Kremlin attacked by drones (

Russian False Flag? Mystery Swirls Around Kremlin Drone Assassination Attempt 24 Hours After Attack (

Putin Is Getting Pummeled With His Own Favorite War Trick (

Zelenskyy responds to Medvedev's call for him to be killed (

VIDEO: Watch Ukraine Wipeout an Entire Russian Military Convoy (

Russian media says bomb found buried in the ground in Belgorod Oblast (

Suspect in killing of Russian war blogger says she was set up (

Russia Issues New Military Threat to NATO (

Ukrainian TB2 Shot Down Over Kyiv By Friendly Forces (

Moscow jams GPS signal after "attack on Kremlin" (

US intelligence chief: Russia unlikely to launch 'significant offensive' in Ukraine this year (

UPDATE 1-Russia complains to Finland about vandalism at consulate (

Belarusian opposition leader Viktor Babariko hospitalised with collapsed lung after apparent beating in jail. (

Moscow says US behind Kremlin drone attack, air raid sirens sound in Kyiv (

Army of hired guns: How Russia’s 'PMCs' are becoming the main invasion force (

SSU detained Russian informer spying on combat aircraft of Ukraine's Armed Forces (

Reporter Draws Laugh At Briefing Asking About Russian Spox’s Drone Attack ‘Lie’: ‘Why Would He Lie About That?’ (



Ukraine should 'double down' amid Russian rift with mercenary leader, ambassador urges (

Nuclear Missile Launcher Crashes in Russia While Driving Towards Parade (

Russia Warships Retreat From Crimea's Waters as Attacks Intensify: Ukraine (

Who Is Going After Russia's Oil? (

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: U.S. and Russia are on the verge of ''open armed conflict" | Watch (

Russian occupiers announce partial evacuation from 18 settlements in Zaporizhzhia Oblast (

Putin Ally Vows to Send Troops to Bakhmut to Replace Wagner's Forces (

Unusual sight of Russian jet trails in sky indicates a rare turning point | Watch (

Ukrainian defenders kill 620 Russian soldiers and destroy 16 artillery systems in one day (

Poland summons Russian ambassador over assassination comment (

Food and water stockpiles being prepared in Crimea in case of peninsula isolation (

Bolton: Russia’s ‘internal struggle’ bad sign for war effort (

Ukraine's Counteroffensive Is a Major Gamble | Opinion (

Ukraine says Moscow deploying Wagner fighters to Bakhmut from other areas (

Is the Russian Navy Doomed? (

UK Intelligence says Russia unlikely to be able to fully protect its railways from sabotage (

Prigozhin Reveals Rows of Dead Wagner Troops, Curses Russian Army Leaders (

Russian ex-deputy defence minister joins Wagner as feud escalates - war bloggers (

Russian airlines begin to reduce even domestic flights en masse (

Did Ukraine Down Russia's 'Unbeatable' Hypersonic Kinzhal Missile? (

Zelensky responds to Russia's claims that Ukraine tried to kill Putin (

Wagner chief slams Russian officials in graphic video | Watch (

Ukraine’s counter-offensive: The options for attack – and which is best (

Russian theatre director accused of 'justifying terrorism' remanded in custody (

Navy scrambles ship to Russian warship spotted stalking the UK coast (

Moscow court detains Crimean Tatar Umerova on suspicion of "espionage" (

Are Russia's ground forces actually larger now than before the war? (

Russian Men Changing Gender to Prevent Being Drafted in Ukraine War, Parliament Expected to Crack Down (

From support to accession: Ukraine's Defence Minister explains what he expects from upcoming NATO summit (

US focused on transferring air defence to Ukraine (

Zelensky says he’s confident Putin will face war-crimes justice in the Hague once Ukraine militarily defeats Russia (

U.S. signals that it could work with China on Ukraine are a good thing (

Air raids over Kyiv continue as Moscow prepares for Victory Day parade | Watch (

Zelenskyy meets with Bahrain's Foreign Minister on his return to Kyiv (



Ukraine should 'double down' amid Russian rift with mercenary leader, ambassador urges (

Russia's economy is suffering from industrial decline as satellites detect less pollution in the air (

Russia is cancelling Victory Day celebrations to hide its military losses, and is using alleged Kremlin drone strike as an excuse, experts say (

Explosion and fire occur at Ilsky Oil Refinery in Russia for second day in a row (

‘Obscenity-Laden Tirade’: Head of Brutal Russian Mercenary Group Rips Putin’s Military Leaders In Graphic Clip Displaying Dead Soldiers (

Elite Ukrainian troops on the front line show CNN how they storm Russian trenches ahead of their expected counteroffensive | Watch (

Russia says there's a problem with billions of rupees it has in India that need to be converted (

The rise of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian founder of the brutal Wagner group whose feud with the Kremlin is spiraling out of control (

Why Russia 'had' to invade Ukraine, according to Putin (

Belarus imposed entry control on border with Russia (

Ukraine Says It Shot Down Russian Kinzhal Missile for First Time ( Looks like the Patriots are working

Ukraine's Air Force announces downing of Kinzhal missile using Patriot air-defence system (

Ukraine Mocks Russia on 'Surrender Season' (

Igor Sushko on Twitter: "Russia has closed the Kerch bridge. Occupiers in Crimea currently can't flee back to Russia." / Twitter

Ministry of Defence 🇬🇧 on Twitter: "Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 6 May 2023. Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language: 🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦" / Twitter

Defence Intelligence – communicating probability - GOV.UK (

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief talks with US General Milley on future liberation of Ukrainian territories (

Russia's war on Ukraine: 'A lot of sabre-rattling coming out of the Kremlin right now' • FRANCE 24 | Watch (

UK intelligence explains why Russia cancels 9 May parades (

Ukraine's Defence Minister recalls negotiations with Russia: a NATO helicopter in Belarus, and Russians refusing to collect the bodies of their dead (

Russian State TV Host Calls for Zelensky's Beheading: 'No Other Way' (

Russian soldiers seize homes of evacuated Ukrainians in Kherson Oblast (

No love lost between Russian military and Wagner mercenaries (

Why is the U.S. supporting Ukraine? Ambassador Bridget Brink has the answer (

Some Western politicians are urging Ukraine not to liberate Crimea – Zelenskyy's representative (

Ukraine brings 45 Azovstal defenders home from Russian captivity (

Ukraine war latest: Russia attempts to seize Bakhmut, as mercenary boss says Wagner to withdraw due to ammunition shortage (

Russia's War Reopens the 'Nationality Question' (

Russian commanders tell their soldiers they are "cannon fodder": Ukraine’s General Staff on Russian forces' morale (

Putin sides with Shoigu in conflict with Wagner Group founder (

Warehouses with gunpowder near Yekaterinburg on fire (

Prigozhin Praises Ukrainian Defenders in Bakhmut Ahead of Wagner Withdrawal (

Melitopol mayor: "Evacuation" of occupiers is going too fast, they may be preparing provocations (



Prigozhin's Rage May Mean Russia Put Bakhmut on Back Burner: ISW (

UPDATE 2-Russia's Wagner group appears to do U-turn on Bakhmut withdrawal (

Russia wants Bakhmut before its Victory Day celebrations (

Blowing up Prilepin's car: Russia's Investigative Committee says detainee confessed (

Death of six employees of State Emergency Service: Russians drop explosives from drone (

Car bombing wounds Russian nationalist writer | Watch (

Prilepin undergoes surgery and put into a medicated sleep (

Russian Tank Debuts ‘Cope Cage’ Covered In Explosive Reactive Armor (

Is Putin planning to repopulate his annexed territories with Russians? (

UK Defense Ministry: Moscow's Victory Day celebration likely to go ahead on smaller scale (

Wagner Group leader now claims Russians were not that keen on taking Bakhmut ( uhhh, yeah….

Ukraine war latest: Russia attempts to seize Bakhmut, as mercenary boss says Wagner to withdraw due to ammunition shortage (

Russia may be preparing provocations against its civilian population on 9 May – Ukrainian Intelligence (

Putin poses arrest dilemma as South African opposition says if Russian-friendly government won't act, it will (

Czech President warns Ukraine against hurried counter-offensive (

A new law allows Putin to draft Russians via an online portal — even if they don't have an account. It 'brings the digital Gulag much, much closer,' critics say (

Conqueror: The British Tank Built to Take on the Russia’s Heavy Armor (

Planned provocation: Poland's comment on interception of its aircraft by Russia's Su-35 (

Gas pipeline, power lines damaged in Ukraine attacks on Russia's Belgorod - governor (

Ukraine launched more than 10 attack drones on Crimea in an overnight barrage, a Russian-installed official says (

Ukraine: Russia evacuates town near Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant amid safety fears (

Russia changes tactics to learn to bypass Ukrainian air defences – Operational Command South Spokeswoman (

Revealed! Inside President Zelenskyy’s Top-Secret War Bunker (

Base station of mobile operator "intercepted" a missile that was flying to Zaporizhzhia (

Ukrainians in Starobilsk are evicted from their homes and sent to filtration centres for not taking Russian passport (

Russia's War Reopens the 'Nationality Question' (

Corruption in Russian army under scrutiny after commander arrested for selling tank engines (

Security Service of Ukraine served notices of suspicion on 170 Russian senators (

Russians launch missiles from helicopter and drop mines on Sumy Oblast (

NATO air force put on alert due to Polish aircraft interception by Russian Su-35 (

Security worries overshadow Russia's Victory Day preparations (

UK Intelligence says Russia experiences biggest labour shortage in decades ( but it is good for the environment. Air pollution is down markedly

Russian invaders are trying to leave Zaporizhzhia Oblast under the guise of civilians – Mayor of Melitopol (

Wagner chief insists he has been promised ammo to stay in Bakhmut (

"Goals not achieved": the Air Force commented on night air attack by Russians (

Weird Russian Military Devices Found By Ukrainian Soldiers | Watch (



Russia will panic when Ukraine's counteroffensive begins – Ukraine's Deputy Defence Minister (

EU's Frontex border control mission suspends Black Sea operations after incident involving Russian Su-35 jet (

Russian forces intensify shelling in Bakhmut and regroup – Commander of Ukraine's Ground Forces (

Multiple explosions rock Russian-annexed Crimea: Reports (

Russian occupation forces are taking looted goods away from Zaporizhzhia Oblast – General Staff report (

Ukraine launches drone strike inside the heart of Crimea (

Luxury Porsche converted into a high-tech military vehicle for a commander in Ukraine's army (

Russian nationalist writer describes surviving attack Moscow blamed on U.S., Ukraine (

Russia steps up fight for Bakhmut, hopes to capture it soon, says Ukraine general (

Wagner a ‘shadow of what it once was’: Russia security expert on the rage of mercenary boss Prigozhin (

Russians attack Bakhmut with incendiary and phosphorus ammunition – General Staff ( The Russians are back to WW I

Ukraine is a European power that Nato cannot now ignore (

US does not doubt veracity of Ukraine's statement about Kinzhal interception – CNN (

Russia allegedly shoot down over 20 UAVs over Black Sea (

Videos Show Russia Burning as Massive Fires Rage (

Russia staging protests for anti-Ukraine propaganda — report (

Russia launches mass strikes on Ukraine ahead of May 9 Victory Day holiday (

Putin will have more than one president as guest at Victory Day parade ( Well that’s impressive

Fearful Vladimir Putin Cancels Victory Day Parades as Russia's Ministry of Defense Admits Its Concerned About ‘Security and Public Discontent’ (

Putin Forced to Send 70-year-old Tanks From Russian Museums Into Ukraine Due to Ongoing Weapons Shortage ( I’m sure they’ve been maintained properly

There is good news about ammunition – Zelenskyy (

Ukraine's defense minister is worried the West will get cold feet if Kyiv's much-expected counterattack is a flop (

Russia preparing to evacuate nuclear plant, Ukrainian operator says (

Occupiers stop work of "administrations" in Kherson Oblast, take documents and leave – General Staff (

Taras Tarasiuk: How the Russian Orthodox Church’s covert actions against Ukraine have failed (

Deadly Forest Fires Engulf Central, Eastern Russia ( I think I mentioned it before – in Russia major fires are fought by the military – and they are elsewhere

Ukraine: Italians must leave now says foreign min (

Ukraine's Security Service to conduct counter-sabotage measures in Kharkiv on 9 May (

The Russian Public’s Imperial Hangover (

‘High Alert’ After Russian Jet Nearly Crashes Into Polish Plane (

Victory Day Finds Russian Military Command in Tatters (

Russian forces make tactical gains on Avdiivka, Bakhmut and Lyman fronts – Ukraine's Defence Ministry (

Video Shows Russian Machine Gun Position Decimated In Bakhmut | Watch (

Prigozhin's High Stakes Putin Play May Be Working (

Putin Sparks ‘Mad Panic’ After Ordering Mass Evacuation Near Europe’s Biggest Nuke Plant Amid Fears of ‘Severe Accident’ (

China warns EU not to sanction companies aiding Russia in Ukraine: ‘Extremely dangerous’ (



Russian occupiers begin enlistment in Mariupol (

Zelenskyy thanked defenders of Ukraine's sky: Partners see what weapons transferred to Ukraine are capable of (

Russia's tax hike on the oil and gas industry will be destructive to a key piece of its economy (

Mariupol faces problem with drinking water due to occupiers' actions (

Ukraine has nearly everything it was promised for its counter-offensive, will they succeed? (

Russia finalises Victory Day preparations amid domestic security concerns | Watch (

Zaporizhzhia: What would happen if there was an accident? (

This is how Russian airlines have been impacted by the war (

Putin’s human rights record is even worse than Leonid Brezhnev’s: former Soviet prisoner (

Russian collaborator Volodymyr Saldo records video in Ukrainian and pleads to "forget everything that happened" (

Putin lies during parade that all countries are "brotherly" for Russia and compares West with Nazis (

Putin may not outrun the warrant for his arrest – history shows that several leaders on the run eventually face charges in court (

Lukashenko immediately returned to Minsk with a bandaged hand after the parade in Moscow (

Putin accuses the West of creating Nazis while comparing the war in Ukraine to WWII, in what experts are calling a perversion of history (

Chechens not fighting in full in Ukraine - military expert (

Germany, China clash over Ukraine (

Polish mayor dies in fall from Sardinian hotel window ( did he have a beef with Putin?

Belarusian security service claims "special services" were preparing terrorist attacks on Belarus on 9 May (

Opinions | Russia’s ruble troubles are more than economic (

Ukraine War Ending: Putin Sick with Cancer and Dies? (

Russian army brigade flees Bakhmut (

Russian brigade flees from Bakhmut – Ukraine confirms Prigozhin’s claim (

Prigozhin Claims 'Deception' and 'Threats' from Defense Ministry ( I guess it isn’t all lovey dovey

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin says Russian troops are running away from the front lines and threatens to spill more details if Putin doesn't send ammunition (

Informant of Russian general involved in MH17 downing sentenced to 12 years in prison (

Parade of "world's second army" features only one tank, from World War II (

Secretary of National Security Council: Zelenskyy hasn't yet approved final counteroffensive plan (

UN chief says Ukraine-Russia peace talks now impossible, Zelenskyy’s advisor reacts (

Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut withstand Russian phosphorus attack (

Russians attack on 4 fronts, heavy battles in Bakhmut, Ukrainian forces strike 2 areas of Russian concentration – General Staff (

Lukashenko unable to walk 300 meters, skips breakfast with Putin in Moscow (

Ukraine has what it needs to liberate territories Russia captured since 24 February – US Secretary of State (

Wagner Group leader criticizes Russian threats of nuclear war (

UK spearheading effort to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles, report says (

Ukraine's Security Council Secretary on 40 minutes of "victory frenzy" in Moscow: Parade of cowardice and fear, Putin rushes to bunker (

Kremlin Pilot’s Lost Corpse Washes Ashore on Russian ‘Victory Day’ (

Eugene Czolij: Ukraine’s Victory Day is within reach in 2023 (

"Evacuation" from Enerhodar: ATMs and gas stations empty, shops and pharmacies closed (

Russian security agents have been using a secret network of corrupted computers to spy on NATO for decades, but the US just busted it open, feds say (

If Kyiv fell, Putin would have invaded Kazakhstan next, official says (

Russian State Cannot Protect the Country, Prigozhin Suggests (