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Reviews are starting to trickle in from Europe. Autogefuel is very comprehensive and I like the way they do their reviews. Watching it right now as I post this.

No hydraulic strut for the hood. All digital and touchscreen inside... Wtf Volkswagen? Am I the only one that likes knobs and buttons?
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excellent review, good find. informative and not just a sales pitch.

I'm warming up to the interior. I still think driving it in person will be the true test, but even here in a real world video it looks more inviting. As opposed to stills from autoshows. I've always appreciated the elegance of a golf. It's like luxury, but understated, not garish. Simple, clean, not too busy looking. Even with all the digital stuff I think it keeps the simple aesthetic. Those seats tho, are hideous. Hope the GTI comes in plaid.

I agree with the reviewer, I would want the smaller screen with the couple of left over knobs for volume, etc. My hesitations about the digital cockpit... too much to do while driving. A physical button is easy to find without looking at it, scrolling through menus takes your eyes off the road. Could be too bright at night (I'm very photosensitive). Fingerprints...ew. Reliability and my trust in a mechanic/dealership to be able to fix it when it breaks. I also still don't trust electronic handbrakes. I need the haptic feedback of a lever to pull.

Things I like...the exterior. I'll always have a soft spot for older golfs, but the mk8 still looks good to me. Those 18" rims look great, even in motion. The heads up display seems cool. The video says the sound system is good, that's important to me. I'm generally opposed to any active driving assistance like braking or steering, but the capacitive steering wheel is cool and the blind spot monitor is welcomed.


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I also like physical buttons - theyre so much easier to find and identify tactically while driving. Now people have to take their eyes off the road to fiddle with these little touch screens scattered everywhere.


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Hey! I'm a mk7 gti owner!

What about the water pump and coolant system in the mk8? New pump design to avoid the timed leakage after 30k miles?

The mk8 is awesome! I hope VW releases it in Brasil just like they did in 2013/14.


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I thought the new Golf R MK8 was supposed to have over 330 HP? But if this is the new S3 and it only has 310 HP???



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So it looks like all the R&D budget was spent on handling and the chassis. The UI and all touch interior is completely junk. I watched the whole review and it's like they wanted to make everything that was simple, complicated.


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Benny Leuchter -- who, in 2016, briefly held the fastest time (7:49) for a FWD automobile driving a Mk7 GTI Clubsport S -- is now a spokesperson for VW AG and Eibach/Sachs. He was also involved in the development of the Mk.8, including the one in the picture, of course.


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