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Here are two videos recorded by Sophia Calata. They are both in German with English subtitles. The first one, regarding the Clubsport, is noteworthy because Ms. Calata can be seen standing in the rain for a least half of her comments. She gets points for that alone. Also, as someone (probably another American) remarked in the next video, he had no idea what the woman was saying but he couldn't take his eyes off her. He has a point. Golf 8 GTI Clubsport | Günstiges Leasing wie noch nie? - YouTube

The other video features the Golf R. It's noteworthy because Ms. Calata focuses most of her attention on trying to demonstrate the R's drift mode. As she explains at length, getting an R into the drift mode is neither easy nor intuitive. Not only must you first choose the drift mode, but then the driver also has to find and turn off the R's electronic stability control (ESC) or the R simply won't drift. Ms. Calata further explains that using the haptic controls is difficult, very distracting and not something a driver is going to want to do in traffic. That seems to be a consistent theme in most Mk-8 videos. VW Golf 8 R | Mein nächster Alltagswagen? - YouTube
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First time I see an Mark 8 in person. They do look really good 👍


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