Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

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I no longer have an active web-connect. The globe is white and privacy is kept to a minimum. I didn't get any updates over wifi or 5G
You don't need the weconnect plus subscription for the OTA downloads. Just need to be logged in the weconnect account.


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This is a service campaign from 2021 and is for limited MHEV Golf 8 vehicles where software updates of various control units are carried out. Are you sure you didn't have this done already?
No, picked up car new in late May 2022 and had no dealer visits since. Serviced at a non franchised agent.


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Hey people.... I am one of those who updated the infotainment software to 1941 via the leaked USB procedure, six months ago... Will I get the OTA update? I think I won't get it.... Any knowledge on this?
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I’ve just bought a used 2021 Golf Life. It has H56 hardware and 1788 software. Device part number is 580035820D.

Can anyone tell me what the latest software version is that my car would be able to take? The dealer promised it would have been installed with the latest software but that doesn’t seem to be the case from what I’m reading above. No over-the-air updates show up when I search for updates in car though…

I’m hoping it will help fix a few bugs such as the infotainment system randomly interrupting everything to display a “changing settings” alert then pumping the climate control fan up to full. Happens about 2 minutes after turning the ignition on, every time!

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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I did the update also by usb and i get ota updates.
I mean the latest OTA which is the same version with the one already installed...The reason I am asking is that I have lost voice commands and navigation when I updated from 1668 to 1896...they haven t found what caused this and it has not been rectified by applying 1899 or 1941 by usb... The only solution the give me is to pay for a new infotainment unit of 2000 €

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Not sure how VW do the software version check or how they manage it. If the Infotainment does the check then you won't get an update. If the server asks the version number from the infotainment then you won't get an update. If they only check on a database which contains the last known version then you probably would get the update. Could the voice command/Navigation not be a SWAP error. Could the SWAP Code be disabled or missing and that's why they are not working? If you had this problem before you did the update then they should have to resolve it if you are still in warranty. Actually you had the 91CU or 91DR recall done which caused the problem so still they should sort it out.
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I updated to 1941 yesterday and it's installed but today I have another update.

Anyone know what this on is?


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The new recall isn't listed for my vin (UK), but 91cu is still listed as outstanding even though I'm on 1899. I wonder if them replacing the entire infotainment has got it confused over what I actually have. Hope that doesn't interfere with the ota. I'll ask for an update check at the next service but now the car is out of warranty I'm not sure how amenable they'll be!