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for i in {01..103}; do  wget -r -l1 --no-parent -A "3G8919360P.z$i" --no-check-certificate; done && wget -r -l1 --no-parent --no-check-certificate

explain how this work :)


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explain how this work :)
you need to have linux machine first :)
i fixed query in stupid but effective way, also same files are then in current folder:
for i in {01..99}; do wget --no-check-certificate "$i"; done && for i in {100..103}; do wget --no-check-certificate "$i"; done && wget --no-check-certificate


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It took about 15 minutes for get all 100 files... ?

I'm still waiting for other experiences with the installation


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Thank you for the Mega upload, I've done it myself, it took about 15 mins. All good so far.


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I also dared to did an update.

Part number did not change at this time... It stays 5H0035820L


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The car was built for the UK market. The strange thing is, just like you, if I deliberately drift into a different lane I only get the car trying to pull me back into the lane, no beeps or warnings.

It normally happens when the road splits into two lanes or on certain corners. It normally beeps telling me to drive in the center of the road followed by it screeching to put my hands on the steering wheel, then stops after 1 second. People have compared it to a race countdown lol as it normally beeps 3 times followed by the screech.
I guess you have Travel Assist (or whatever it's called). Here is how it works with only lane assist. If I swerve towards the line the steering wheel will vibrate but if you actually drive over the line for a while it will beep at you. This happens often in construction zones where the car gets confused with the yellow lines and white lines.


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Had my late 2020 R-Line eTSI for a couple of weeks now. These are the current version numbers.


I have a notification that an update is available (it doesn’t say what version?). I’ve not had any errors other than the occasional front assist limited which I understand is due to dirt/moisture on the front badge sensor. These only lasted for a few seconds.

How long do these updates take to install and can they be installed while driving? I’m a bit reluctant to install since it seems to be ok at the moment


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1941 in the car
prepared on usb 1969 and started upgrading part 1 from 0-100%.
After the 1st restart there is a problem, it did not continue to upgrade other parts of the software. The only thing I could do to bring the device back to life was to take another usb stick with sw 1941 and the unit started normally. Was the USB the problem, the software or something else?
Again sw update OK !
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Had my late 2020 R-Line eTSI for a couple of weeks now. These are the current version numbers.
Hi Paul:

Wow, that navigation database (July 2019) is way out of date, it probably still shows Roman roads and toll pikes. It appears to me (from looking at the little icon of the man with a hat in the upper right of your picture) that you might have "privacy mode" active. This may be preventing over-the-air updates from reaching you, but I am not sure (we don't have that feature where I live in Canada). Check your owner manual to see what it says about updates & privacy mode.

I'm guessing from your picture (RHD car) that you are in the UK. I don't know what the process for updating maps in the UK is, whether it is done by subscription or not, but you might want to inquire with other owners or your VW dealership about getting updated maps.

This website: VW UK Map Updates might be a good place to start your investigation. Another website worth looking at is Volkswagen Map Updates. It appears to me that it might be possible to simply download new maps from that second website, put them on a USB stick, and install them in your car.

Take care to ensure that the battery does not run down when you are installing updates of any kind. In practice, this means either hooking up a battery maintainer, or leaving the engine running whilst the update takes place.



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Yeah I’m in the UK. I took that picture when I’d just got the car home but hadn’t set anything up yet so it was still in guest mode. I’ve since got it all configured and am now being offered what I think is a small update that is required before the larger ones

Good point about the maps. I tend to mainly use CarPlay/google for navigation but having them updated would still be preferable


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I’ve had the notification about a bigger update come through now. Haven’t installed either yet. I see it says do not start engine during update. Presumably that means it’s ok to start the update while the engine is already running? (And disabling start/stop?) Sounds like a precaution against the starter drawing too much power and interrupting the update