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Yea I'd be interested! Once it's out let me know. I'm guessing it will come with all of the brackets to mount on an AM3 socket cpu?
I should have the AM3 bracket if it came with the cooler. I'm currently using the LGA775 bracket. I'll look for it tonight and let you know.


So I managed to find the AM3 bracket but I can't seem to find the optional controller thing. It works if you connect it directly to the motherboard but the fan controller thing lets you manually control the fan speed. Aside from that, I've got everything to get it mounted to your AM3 socket.

It's the larger of the 2 models the CNPS9700. Here it is in my server.

62-Server MK2 by b.han, on Flickr


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Thanks! I'm hoping after the new (read: much nicer) modular PSU, I will be able to really clean it up a bit more, but so far I've been pretty pleased with it. Just with the Corsair H60 and better cable management I dropped my CPU temps by 10*C at peak load.


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edit: bought parts. posted what i ordered below.
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no reason whatsoever for a $400 motherboard when you're running one video card and not pushing ridiculous over clocking.

i got this one the other day for $120 ish, should do the trick on most builds pretty well, and has "killer nic" and some sort of integrated sound blaster solution.

i'd get a bigger hard drive too, 240 gb ssd are cheap now,

i have a 120 on my mac mini for os drive, even with extra drives for media and no games it gets a bit tight.

i don't know whats good with modern gaming cards, but a 800ish watt power supply, 16gb ram and i5 seem like they would carry you, no idea what that case is either but a good case will outlive any other hardware at least till atx is dead. I shelled out for an awesome lian li case about 10 years ago, still using it today, has seen every one of my pc builds since.


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The mother board is at $180 actually

Will look at that MSI one.

Might spring up to the 240 ssd then for future games