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The expanse finale is out already...that was quick. I haven't watched it, but I'm not sure I have much faith in it being a good ending. This show didn't really go in the direction I wanted. It peaked in season 3 and the s3 finale was awesome, but the stuff that's happened since then was kinda meh and the first couple seasons were kinda slow. Amos had some good moments scattered around. I guess I'll see how it finishes later tonight.


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I hope not. I enjoyed the show. Clancy Brown was great. Michael C. Hall did some of the best acting of his life. I found the character of Harrison to be intolerable.
Agreed on Kurt and Dexter, on their parts....that's why I was so sold on the new show and now just trying to catch up on the original series.

Yeah...I wasn't sold on the Harrison kid either. Flip floppy and kind of annoying.


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LeMans - Racing is Everything. on Prime was a pretty good series


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This is probably odd, but I'd never seen the show Dexter before but I like the (new) Dexter: New Blood show
I thought it was weak throughout the season... all of Deb's scenes are bad IMO. I'm tired of hearing about how talented and great Harrison is, it's over the top. After seeing the finale, it feels like the entire season was written for that single moment. I think it was almost as bad as the new Matrix.
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