Software Update


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I get the feeling VW rushed the Golf Mk8 into production. Even more worrying is that it has been available to buy since December 2019 (in Germany) and owners are still having software issues.
Tbh if I knew before buying the car the problems they were having I wouldn’t have brought it, I’m speaking to the general manager on Tuesday. If they do by some miracle fix all the issues I’ll report back with what they did to do that.


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The issues that many owners on this forum and other forums seem to be experiencing with the mk8 Golf strongly suggests the car was released for sale onto the unsuspecting general public before it was ready.

This is one of the reasons I won’t be an early adopter of a new model, as I’m not prepared to be an unpaid product tester for VW. The majority of the software faults / niggles that customers are experiencing should have been picked up (and fixed) during pre-production testing. For VW to sign off and launch a car into production with many software issues is unacceptable in my opinion.

The initial unveiling of the mk8 was delayed because of ‘software issues’.

I dare say VW had reached the point of no return as they’d have set up their production facilities to start building the mk8, so their options would have been (a) to either to delay start of production until all issues were resolved which would have cost them £££££’s, or (b) proceed with building a car with a number of software issues present in the hope they could fix them as and when customers identified issues. The second option might be best for VW from a short term financial perspective, but it’s not good for their reputation or brand image, which had already taken quite a battering a few years earlier from the Dieselgate saga.