Travel assist problems.


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I've been using the travel assist a bit and it seems to be confusing itself betwwen kmh and mph at first i thought it was just choosing random speeds but i've noticed that it works fine until it suddenly gives you the speed limit in km for example turning off the M40 at Wycombe onto the A404 it gives the speed limit as 110 and the travel assist sets to 68 mph.
This is not that bad but after this the fun starts it seems that even when it reads the speed limit correctly it converts it from kmh to mph for example when it reads 30 mph it suddenly tries to slow down to 19 mph, 40 mph = 25 and 60 mph = 37.


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Yes, had that lots of times. You will also notice it also activates undertake prevent when you overtake as it assumes you are driving on the other side of the road so assumes an overtake is an undertake. Effectively the control unit has crashed, restarts and fails to apply the UK settings.


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I amazed as to how many different software issues owners of the Golf Mk8 are having. I have a few but fear if I go to my VW dealer to sort them I will end up with more.