Travel assist problems.


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Well said SRGTD.

Since it’s release in October 2019 and going on sale in Germany in December 2019 VW still can’t sort various software problems on the Golf Mk8. I have contacted both my dealer and VW UK Customer Services about my car confusing mph with kph when in Adaptive Cruise Control. I regard this as a safety issue since a car that suddenly reduces speed for no apparent reason on a busy motorway can result a rear end by an inattentive following driver. I’m convinced my dealer will fail to reply and VW Customer Services will ask me to contact my dealer. If this is the case how do I get redress over this issue?
I agree completely.

I'm being passed from customer (dis)services back and forth with my local agent and getting nowhere; I agree it's a safety issue which suggests the product is not yet 'fit for purpose'. I like driving my 1.5 eTsi but the software has caused several near miss accidents when braking or slowing me unpredictably. I paid a substantial deposit so I've told VW finance that I'm stopping my monthly payments (due to start 31 Aug) until they fix the problems!! I can't see why the Sale of Goods Act shouldn't be used to put pressure on VW HQ.


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I'm on 1668 and had a new steering wheel and passenger airbag whatever and all seems to be working as it should be. I hasten to add that I refuse to try the ACC because of the much commented on problems with it because I deem it not to be safe. I think VW have admitted that currently a fix for this malfunction doesn't exist although I'm sure they are working like stink to find one. My advice would be not to use it at all until VW have sorted it out. It is dangerous.

I also had a problem with parked cars once and the car braked quite hard for a moment or two with the red warning on the dash. I turned that off too but since the software update I have turned it back on to try it without any problems so far. Fingers crossed. I'm a bit of a Luddite and don't think that relying on vehicle software to do the job of driving the car safely is a good idea. I prefer to trust my driving skills over that of computer software even if it is known to work, which the VW software doesn't and is well known not to work properly.


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So having dropped my car off one afternoon to have the travel assist problem looked at again, when I picked it up at close of business the following day I was advised that VW are working on a new software update and the dealer would contact me as soon as it’s available. That was 6 weeks ago. They did wash the car !!!

today I’ve got into it and the right hand side of the infotainment system is blank. The touch is still working (if you know where abouts in the screen to touch).

not built like they used to be!