Travel assist and emergency assist errors

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I'll tell you about my case: A year ago they changed my steering wheel because I had problems of all, Parking, Travel Asist, Emergency Call etc the problems went away and in the last update the 1941 the failures Travel Asist and Emergency Call have returned, and for what I read here its the steering wheel again, or maybe only the module, its true? Because its desesperating….


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The Golf MK8 launch was initially delayed for months due to software issues, they obviously couldnt fix it so decided to release the car anyway - just had to get it into the market! Sounds like Ford and British Leyland back in the day - released cars of crap design and the public were left with the cost of constant repair bills which kicked in just after the warranty ran out.
I would love to know if there is anybody out there who actually rejected their MK8 under consumer laws and went for a refund, compensation or maybe a 😲 replacement or some other agreement.

A good question! what if the issues are not resolved and an owner wants to trade in / up to another make of vehicle.
I had a VW Tiguan R Line 2.0 150 DSG (71 plate) - it was on lease for 15 months then travel assist currently unavailable kept pinging every 30 seconds for 2 hour journeys, I couldn't turn it off, was quoted 5 month wait for replacement steering wheel ( as advised by their TPI Notice) anyway long story short, I googled it, found out that it was a known issue since 2020 got evidence on many forums, for different models of VW as well suffering the same fate, refused to collect the car and kept their courtesy car until I got a replacement which was a different manufacturer and manual (which I deeply regret), I paid for extras on the vehicle the originally said I couldn't have the money back for the extras (extras weren't included in the lease and a contract should have been formed for the extras- which didn't happen) so I wrote to the dealership HQ and then they informed me it had gone to VW Compliance awaiting their response, response was; no liability admittance agreement for the money back. I agreed because I couldn't be bothered to take it further and got the result I wanted which was over £1000 back. Easier with a lease because they act as a third party and have responsibility too.

Anyway I've recently placed an order for a Mk8 Golf R-line 2.0 150 DSG, thankfully the travel assist doesn't come as standard and as I know this to be an issue I chose not to have it on the car (not paying for something I know can cause a fault), had the vehicle as basic as I could tbh.

The Tiguan would ping if the steering wheel was turned, as soon as the engine was on, when heated seat and or steering wheel function was used.


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I'm getting a new steering wheel tomorrow but since updating the firmware ota last weekend the bongs have been constant and every time I turn the wheel.

It looks like others who have updated have had the bongs come back and even those who have had a new steering wheel.

So what's the odds of me getting a new steering wheel tomorrow and a firmware update coming in the next few months to set it all back off again?

I wonder what the percentage is of mk 8 owners who have been effected by these bongs.


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Ordered a new Mk8 without Travel assist and Emergency assist, because I couldn't cope with the constant bongs on the Tiguan. It's a well known fault/issue otherwise they wouldn't have a 'remedy' in place. Gutted as I loved my Tiguan but I like the R-line and it came standard on it. Thankfully it was an additional option on the golf. 'would you like bings and bongs for an extra £170' .... ' no thank you'

Sergio MV

Passed Driver's Ed
My dealer tell me today that still failing and have to change the alternator too. Im suprised with this VW service is too fast but Im skeptical about this problem…
After having changed this he continues to do it, I have detected that he does it especially when turning at low speed, for example, inside a parking etc.