Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

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1900 is out but still no TPI is available.
Also normally Skoda and Seat release infotainment software updates earlier than VW…


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I really don't want to lie, but my infotainment crashing on 1899 seems to be twice as bad since 1896. In one week 5 times already. I am really intrigued to know what the garage going to do where I bought the car from. I really can't find a pattern on what is causing the crashing yet:
  • Wired connection to Android Auto
    • Waze and sometimes Spotify or sometime radio
  • Wireless connection to Android Auto
    • Waze and sometimes Spotify or sometime radio
  • No Android auto
    • Listening to radio without navigation


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I’ve just had the 1899 update while the car was in for an oil service, no bongs as yet, but like you, the infotainment does appear to be playing up, particularly while using CarPlay, I’ve had to soft reset the infotainment twice so far due to a black screen that would not budge! The third time I locked the car and it was fine when I used it again!!😠🤷🏼


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Anyone here had Infotainment hardware replaced to solve crashing issues? Did they swap out the computer for the same hardware (h56 -> h56) or replaced it with the new model (h56 -> h58)? I do read a lot of people mentioning of steering wheels being replaced...


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First post, so it may have been mentioned before - did you know that pressing and holding the wheel View button, for a short while, removes the dials or squares leaving just the map.
Yes, although a lot will know this, I’d bet many still don’t. 👌


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Just another question about android auto. Would you also like to test whether the day / night mode works for you? For me, it does not automatically switch from light to dark. Well if I do this by hand.


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Had my car in for 3,5 weeks for GPS problems. They changed the OCU between gateway and 5f, updated from 1896 to 1899 as per the updated 91CU campaign and switched my ethernet cables (the old ones had been destroyed by VW service). For now everything seem to work just fine.

Also, the transmission jerkiness is significantly less aggressive than before - like day and night. It's still there, but barely noticeable. Maybe I still need to call them to see whether they did the TPI for that as well.